You are the Design.
Mass Customization is a design and manufacturing technique that combines the flexibility and personalization of “custom-made”with the low unit costs associated with mass-production. Products are adapted to meet a customer’s individual needs, so no two items are the same. 

“I have to tweak my design and redo the CAD with every new body type. I would much rather focus on new product design.”

-Industrial Designer

“Design software needs to take a jump forward before it catches up with the technology. There’s a lot of lack of understanding or just frankly, knowledge about how you design the digitally optimal part.”

-Jim Joyce,Specialist Leader at Deloitte Consulting’s manufacturing and operations office

Creating Mass Customizable Products

An End-to-End Solution

Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging to Map the Body
Control Product Design with Mobile Devices
Trackable Customer Record
CAD Tools
Design Beautiful, Truly Custom Products
Personalized by the Customer
3D-Printable Models Digitally Tested for Fit
Data Driven Design 
State-of-the-Art Learning Algorithms
Iteratively Improved Fit
Predict Order Complaints 

 Fited As a Service

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