Timely Remote – draft

Timely Remote Detection

Doctors can reach more patients when it counts. Our free early disease detection and awareness mobile app means accuracy. Anytime, anywhere.


Digital Prescriptions

With a few photos and X-rays, there’s no need for plaster casting, a visit to an external lab or special equipment. It is easier for the doctor and more comfortable for the patient and saves everyone time since it can be done at the doctor’s office.

Smart Design Software

Our 3D design (CAD) software platform transforms images into physical 3D printed products. Machine learning techniques mean product fit and function is always improving. Plus, it’s intuitive and easy to use.


Elegant and Intelligent

Every product is optimized for mobility, comfort, and medical correction. 3D printing enables medical braces that are lightweight, fashionable, and personalized. Built-in sensors help track disease progression, usage patterns, and fit so patients get truly personalized care.