Fighting Scoliosis

with Technology

Scoliosis is a genetic condition that affects the curvature of spine in 4% of the population. Bracing in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis reduces the likelihood of spinal fusion surgery. Scoliosis can lead to high blood pressure, hip and lower back pain, regular loss in balance, arthritis, and body image issues.
Unfortunately, the current prescription system is inaccurate, messy, and time – consuming, and the braces are bulky and uncomfortable. Current scoliosis bracing techniques have not changed in a 100 years. 

I was checked just like everyone else in middle school, but my curvature went unnoticed until I was 16. 8 years later I decided to find an adult spine doctor and he said spinal fusion surgery was necessary. ”

— Brittany Mullins, Health Coach&Personal Trainer

“I had to sit and wait for the plaster to dry, it was very tight and uncomfortable.”

— Alyssa @ Embrace n’It

“I really hate the brace, because it hurts my sides when I wear it. Especially on the left side, right on the bottom of my ribs, I feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper on me. Also – I have four shirts for my brace but one has ripped a little in only 2 weeks. What can I do to prevent that?”

— Sarah @


By Fited

Accurate, Personalized, Fast, Fashionable, Fited Scoliosis Brace
Remote Monitoring
In Home Scanning for Early Symptoms
Digitally Monitor Disease Progression
Trackable Patient Record
Digital Imaging
No Casting Discomfort
No Scary Start to Treatment
Digital Prescription
3D Printing
Hardened for Correction
Softened for Comfort
Light Weight and Fashionable
Scolio By Fited – A Sneak Peak

Time to make a difference

Scoliosis affects us all.
3% Affected
3% of the Population Affected
30 000 Scoliosis Braces Prescribed Annually
200 000 Untreated in the United States
$100 000
Cost of Spine Surgery  $100 000
Cost of Scoliosis Braces $2000 – $6000
Cost of no Treatment could be Life Threatening
We can help.
Community of Doctors & Patients
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Fight Scoliosis with Scolio
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